PHP Hits the Mainstream: Gets worm to prove it!

We have had some interesting security-related news in our world these last couple of weeks. You may want to read on if you are running:

  • php < 4.3.10
  • php < 5.0.3
  • phpBB < 2.0.11

Also, I’ve added a little trick you might be interested in to keep your services safe. This is especially imporant if you use a shared host, and don’t have access to update your own software. Read on for more…

As Eric pointed out in the Forums, PHP 4.3.10 and 5.0.3 are now out. You really need to look into ugrading to one of these as soon as possible.

Also, a new worm targeting phpBB has been written. This initial version used a flaw in phpBB’s highlighting code to deface your site with the worm. Then, the worm would use google to find phpBB sites that had not yet been upgraded to infect. You can read more about it on [url]

While google has stopped returning requests related to this worm, that doesn’t mean a new variant that uses a different (read:lesser) engine won’t pop up soon.

As “akiy” on slashdot posted:

It looks like the latest phpBB version 2.0.11 or a simple patch will thwart the worm, though. Time to upgrade if you haven’t yet!

I have to take his word on this, because I can’t get to [url][/url] right now.

Happy Patching!! Don’t forget to try it in your test environments first if you have one!!

Also, a pretty reliable way to keep things like this from happening is to run your php scripts using a different user than the one that can write to your files.

For example, your website runs phpBB. All of the files are owned by qb_admin, and are read-only to everyone else. Then, PHP runs as qb_cgi. The qb_cgi user has no files…maybe some jpeg’s in an upload or avatar directory, but that’s it. If php or your scripts get compromised, the worst thing they could do is jack with your data…but your code would still be clean and intact.

If your php runs as an apache module in Linux, it is probably running as nobody…and unless your permissions allow anyone to write to your files you are probably ok.

I’m not sure how you would do this in windows though. (I have some fuzzy recollections about IIS_USER and the everyone group, or something) Anyone care to enlighten us?

Be safe out there!

Scalable Inline Image Replacement

This is definatly one of those things that I’m not sure I would ever use, but it is certainly cool enough to share. Using a little php and javascript, this script seemingly allows you to replace the content of any tags (h1 for example) with a nice graphic of the text in any font/size/color you choose.

No image support? no problem…alt property supplied on replace
No JS support? no problem…css marks up your h1 as normal
No visual support? no problem…screen reader reads your h1 or alt tag

Pretty cool in theory. It has built in, server-side cache support, etc. I’m a little squimish about a DoS vulnerability…someone flooding your site with obscene image generation requests. But, that could be trapped. What do you all think?

November 23, 2004 Newsletter

O’Reilly News for User Group Members
November 23, 2004
Book News
-Treo Fan Book
-PowerBook Fan Book
-iBook Fan Book
-Xbox Fan Book
-Securing Windows Server 2003
-The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks
-Oracle Utilities Pocket Reference
-Programmer’s Ultimate Security DeskRef
-Unit Test Frameworks
-Inside the Spam Cartel
-PC Hacks
-Degunking Your Email, Spam, and Viruses
-Gaming Hacks
-Smart Home Hacks
-Head First Design Patterns
-Knoppix Hacks
-Windows to Linux Migration Toolkit
Upcoming Events
-Wil Wheaton (“Just a Geek”), Barnes & Noble,
Huntington Beach, CA–November 30
-Nathan Torkington (“Perl Cookbook”), Open Source
Developers’ Conference, Melbourne, Australia–December 1-3
-Gordon Meyer (“Smart Home Hacks”), DigitalGuru,
Sunnyvale, CA–December 15
Conference News
-Registration is Open for O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference,
San Diego, CA– March 14-17, 2005
-O’Reilly author Wil Wheaton Just Added as a Speaker at Macworld
San Francisco
-Interesting Work for Interesting People
-Hacks for Smart Homes
-“Spam Kings” Author Shares Insights, Spam-Prevention Tips
-Open Source Licenses Are Not All the Same
-make: The Evolution and Alternatives
-The Youngest “Learning Python” Fan
-Write a Webserver in 100 Lines of Code or Less
-iPod Photo: Breakthrough Device or Work in Progress?
-Building Simple Lists Using Strings in VBA
-Skins and Themes
-Extending Struts
-Take the Survey
-Creating iPod Tattoos
-Could Ringtones Be More Annoying?!
From Your Peers
-First Annual New York Technical Community Holiday Party, NY, NY–
December 15
-London Perl Workshop, London, UK–December 11
Book News
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New Releases
***Treo Fan Book
Publisher: O’Reilly
ISBN: 0596008163
Owners of the Treo smartphone from palmOne will master their revolutionary
little do-all device in no time flat with the new “Treo Fan Book.” This
unbeatable reference guide contains all the information people need–and
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***PowerBook Fan Book
Publisher: O’Reilly
ISBN: 0596008171
This is the perfect guide for mastering all the features and taking
advantage of the advanced capabilities of Apple’s most desirable laptop.
The “PowerBook Fan Book” takes readers through the process of getting
familiar with their new machine and OS X Panther, learning handy tricks
and using high-end features, and finding out about little-known but
gotta-have accessories for their sleek and speedy new PowerBook.

***iBook Fan Book
Publisher: O’Reilly
ISBN: 0596008619
Anyone who owns an ultra-thin iBook can count on the “iBook Fan Book” to
give them everything they need to make the stylish little white wonder
work–and play–just as hard as they do. The book covers: getting familiar
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stress; and maximizing fun and productivity.

***Xbox Fan Book
Publisher: O’Reilly
ISBN: 0596008848
With cool 3D graphics, mind-boggling animation, and
devastatingly real audio, Microsoft’s Xbox is the most powerful and
popular gaming machine ever created. And now, the half-million (and
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Fan Book” covers using the console, enhancing the multimedia experience,
online play, recommended games like Halo, and accessories such as the
Xbox DVD Playback Kit.

***Securing Windows Server 2003
Publisher: O’Reilly
ISBN: 0596006853
If you use Windows 2003 Server at a small- to medium-sized organization,
or if you use Microsoft’s Small Business Server, this thorough yet concise
tutorial offers the hands-on advice you need to secure your network. The
book focuses on ways to plan and implement a secure operating environment,
using real-world examples to show you how various security concepts relate
to your own system. Read it cover to cover to create and implement a
security plan, or use individual chapters as standalone lessons.

Chapter 4, “File System Security,” is available online:

***The CSS Anthology: 101 Essential Tips, Tricks & Hacks
Publisher: SitePoint
ISBN: 0957921888
Make your site easier to maintain and faster to load with Cascading Style
Sheets. This book answers the 101 most common CSS questions about
everything from styling text to using CSS for layout. Plus, you’ll learn
how to use CSS to create accessible and standards-compliant web sites. All
solutions and effects are cross-browser compatible and easy to customize.

***Oracle Utilities Pocket Reference
Publisher: O’Reilly
ISBN: 0596008996
“Oracle Utilities Pocket Reference” is a quick-reference guide to the
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Packed with information in an easy-to-read format, this compact resource
supplies the syntax and options for whatever utility a DBA needs to
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SQL*Loader, for loading data; expdp and exp for exporting data to another
database; oradebug for use in troubleshooting; and loadjava and dropjava
for loading and unloading Java programs.

A sample excerpt, “expdp,” is available online:

***Programmer’s Ultimate Security DeskRef
Publisher: Syngress
ISBN: 1932266720
“The Programmer’s Ultimate Security DeskRef” is the only complete desk
reference covering multiple languages and their inherent security issues.
It will serve as the programming encyclopedia for almost every major
language in use. While there are many books starting to address the broad
subject of security best practices within the software development
lifecycle, none has yet to address the overarching technical problems of
incorrect function usage. Most books fail to draw the line from covering
best practices security principles to actual code implementation. This
book bridges that gap and covers the most popular programming languages
such as Java, Perl, C++, C#, and Visual Basic.

***Unit Test Frameworks
Publisher: O’Reilly
ISBN: 0596006896
This is the only book to explore unit testing as a language-independent,
standalone development methodology. It covers the theory and methodology
of unit test frameworks, offers instruction in unit test development,
provides useful code examples in both Java and C++, and details the most
commonly used frameworks from the XUnit family, including JUnit for Java,
CppUnit for C++, and NUnit for .NET. It also includes the complete source
code for CppUnit for C++ and NUnit for .NET.

Chapter 3, “The xUnit Family of Unit Test Frameworks,” is available

***Inside the Spam Cartel
Publisher: Syngress
ISBN: 1932266860
“Inside the Spam Cartel” is a methodical, technically explicit expose of
the inner workings of the spam economy. The book offers you a view inside
this dark underworld, the sophistication and sheer size of which will
shock you. You’ll meet the characters that control the flow of money as
well as the hackers and programmers committed to keeping the enterprise up
and running. You may disagree with their objectives, but you’ll marvel at
their ingenuity and resourcefullness in defeating spam filters, avoiding
identification, and staying one step ahead of the law.

***PC Hacks
Publisher: O’Reilly
ISBN: 0596007485
“PC Hacks” shows you how to enhance performance and prevent problems with
your PC. You’ll learn about hacking the system board, BIOS, peripherals,
and operating system, and overclocking CPU and video cards, tweaking RAM
timing, and selecting the best performing components. This step-by-step,
hack-by-hack guide covers both Windows and Linux, and includes advice on
reusing an old PC to offload work from newer systems, as well as ways to
prevent security problems.

Sample hacks are available online:

***Degunking Your Email, Spam, and Viruses
Publisher: Paraglyph Press
ISBN: 193211193X
“Degunking Your Email, Spam, and Viruses” outlines Paraglyph’s unique
12-step Degunking program, written in everyday language for all computer
users, that will teach you all the tried-and-true techniques to keep your
computer clutter-free and running well. The “Degunking with Time
Limitations” chart shows how you can improve your computer’s performance
and keep your email better organized, whether you have ten minutes or a
few hours. The book also provides information and links to free utilities
and programs that will help you get rid of viruses, manage your email
better, and protect your computer.

***Gaming Hacks
Publisher: O’Reilly
ISBN: 0596007140
It doesn’t take long for an avid or just wickedly clever gamer to be
chafed by the limitations of videogame software and hardware. If you want
to go far beyond the obvious, there’s a tremendous amount of free fun you
can have by following the creative exploits of the gaming gurus. “Gaming
Hacks” is the indispensable guide to cool things gamers can do to create,
modify, and hack videogame hardware and software.

Five sample hacks are available online:

***Smart Home Hacks
Publisher: O’Reilly
ISBN: 0596007221
“Smart Home Hacks” covers a litany of stand-alone and integrated smart
home solutions designed to enhance safety, comfort, and convenience in new
and existing homes. Learn how to equip your home with motion detectors for
added security, install computer-controlled lights for optimum
convenience, mount an in-home web cam or two purely for entertainment, and
much more. No matter what your technical level may be, this book will help
you achieve the automated home of your dreams.

Sample hacks are available online:

***Head First Design Patterns
Publisher: O’Reilly
ISBN: 0596007124
In the manner of O’Reilly’s popular new Head First Series, “Head First
Design Patterns” is visually rich and designed for the way your brain
works. Applying teaching techniques developed in response to the latest
research in neurobiology, cognitive science, and learning theory, the book
will load patterns into your brain in a way that sticks. You’ll be able to
put what you’ve learned to work immediately, and you’ll find that you’re
better at solving software design problems. Become fluent in the language
of Design Patterns by putting your head first.

***Knoppix Hacks
Publisher: O’Reilly
ISBN: 0596007876
“Knoppix Hacks” is an invaluable collection of 100 industrial-strength
hacks for new Linux users, power users, and system administrators who are
using or considering the Knoppix Live CD, which is included with the book.
These tips and tools show how to use the live CD to troubleshoot, repair,
upgrade, disinfect, and generally be productive without Windows, and
without the difficulty of installing Linux itself.

Five sample hacks are available online:

***Windows to Linux Migration Toolkit
Publisher: Syngress
ISBN: 1931836396
“Windows to Linux Migration Toolkit” is a unique book that offers a
complete solution for migrating from Windows to Linux. It provides
migration process planning, automated migration scripts,
anti-virus/anti-spam solutions, and specific migration and deployment.

Upcoming Events
***For more events, please see:

***Wil Wheaton (“Just a Geek”), Barnes & Noble,
Huntington Beach, CA–November 30
Don’t miss Wil reading from his autobiography. He will be there from

Wil Wheaton’s Blog:

***Nathan Torkington (“Perl Cookbook”), Open Source Developers’
Conference, Melbourne, Australia–December 1-3
Nat gives a keynote presentation on open source trends at this grass roots
style event.

***Gordon Meyer (“Smart Home Hacks”), DigitalGuru, Sunnyvale, CA–
December 15
Gordon makes an appearance at the DigitalGuru Computer Bookshop starting
at 12:30 p.m. DigitalGuru will be offering a 40% discount on Gordon’s book
that day. (If you can’t wait til December 15, be sure to stop by DigitalGuru
between November 29 and December 10 to take advantage of a
special sale: 40% off ALL O’Reilly books, as well as books by our publishing
partners.) DigitalGuru is located at 546-3 Lawrence Expressway in
Sunnyvale, CA.

Conference News
***Registration is Open for 2005 O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference,
San Diego, CA–March 14-17, 2005
Early Bird registration for ETech has just opened. This year’s conference
theme is “Remix,” which infuses ETech’s roll-up-your-sleeves tutorials,
to-the-point plenary presentations, and real world focused breakout
sessions. Come to ETech and discover how applications and hardware are
being deconstructed and recombined in unexpected ways. Learn how users and
customers are influencing new interfaces, devices, business models, and
services. For all the scoop on tutorials, featured speakers, and
conference events, check out:

User Group members who register before January 31, 2005 get a double
discount. Use code DSUG when you register, and receive 20% off the
“Early Bird” price.

To register for the conference, go to:

News From O’Reilly & Beyond
General News
***O’Reilly author Wil Wheaton at Macworld
Actor, comedian, blogger, and self-described geek Wil Wheaton will deliver
a special feature presentation at Macworld San Francisco. Wheaton will
discuss his personal story, as well as the joys of web design, HTML, and
blogging on Thursday, January 13, 2005 at 9:30 a.m. This
ever-popular actor-turned-writer will also attend a book signing after
his presentation.

Wil Wheaton’s Blog entry:

Macworld press release:

***Interesting Work for Interesting People
O’Reilly Media is looking for a web designer; an Office, .NET; and Windows
programming editor; a national account manager; product managers; a
systems analyst; and software engineers; among others. For a complete list
of open positions, visit:

***Hacks for Smart Homes
Implementing home automation may be easier and less expensive than you
ever imagined. By using your computer, your home can become much smarter.
Gordon Meyer, author of “Smart Home Hacks,” covers the basics of
automating your home with MisterHouse, an open source home automation
application for Linux, Windows, and Mac OS X. Move a step beyond automatic
lights to a home that actually responds to stimuli.

***”Spam Kings” Author Shares Insights, Spam-Prevention Tips
In this interview with TechSoup, Brian McWilliams talks about the most
effective way to fight spam, anti-spam legislation, why spammers spam, the
types of scam people most often fall for, and much more.

Open Source
***Open Source Licenses Are Not All the Same
As open source and the Internet continue to grow in popularity, more and
more users and developers come into contact with open source code. Though
the various licenses increase user rights somehow, they all do it in
different ways and with different goals. Steve Fishman categorizes several
popular licenses and explains their implications.

***make: The Evolution and Alternatives
After 13 years of the O’Reilly classic, “Managing Projects with make, 2nd
Edition,” coauthor Andy Oram looks back and summarizes the evolution of
make. With the recent release of “Managing Projects with GNU make, 3rd
Edition,” author Robert Mecklenburg offers an adapted excerpt comparing
Ant, IDEs, and make for managing the build process.

***The Youngest “Learning Python” Fan
How old do you have to be to appreciate O’Reilly’s books? Not very. Tim
Pietzcker shows us how much his 17-month-old son likes “Learning Python,”
and other readers chime in with similar experiences (including Chicago
Perl Monger Andy Lester). The appeal of O’Reilly animals proves to be
cross-generational in our latest “Letters.”

***Write a Webserver in 100 Lines of Code or Less
REAL Software programmer and tester Jonathan Johnson shows you the power
and simplicity of developing with REALbasic by walking you through the
building of a working webserver. After this tutorial, you’ll not only have
a pratical knowledge or REALbasic, but you’ll have a cool little server

***iPod Photo: Breakthrough Device or Work in Progress?
After spending three years as the most popular digital music player, the
iPod has evolved. No longer just music to your ears, the new color iPod
photo boasts plenty of eye candy with storage for as many as 25,000
photos. Is it really everything you ever wanted? Hadley Stern, author of
“iPod & iTunes Hacks,” takes an in-depth look with his review.

***Building Simple Lists Using Strings in VBA
Visual Basic for Applications (VBA), the language used for scripting
Microsoft Word, isn’t really known for its string-processing abilities.
But sometimes, string hacking is a quick and convenient way to solve a
problem, and the string functions VBA does provide are often up to the
task. In this article, Andrew Savikas, author of “Word Hacks,” shows you
how to use strings for simple lists.

***Skins and Themes
In his previous column, Jesse Liberty showed you how to use web forms
security to create a personalized site. Here, he builds on that work to
introduce the concepts of skins and themes, which allow users to configure
the look and feel of your site.

***Extending Struts
With so many web application frameworks available, there’s little point
reinventing the wheel, especially when Struts offers remarkable
extensibility. Sunil Patil introduces the three basic means of extending
Struts to achieve custom web application behavior.

***Take the Survey
We’re asking readers to participate in an online survey. You’ll
help shape our online editorial direction and influence which book titles
we pursue. And you’ll have a chance to win some of our most popular Java

Digital Media
***Creating iPod Tattoos
One of the benefits of the Apple-HP iPod partnership is HP’s clever idea
to let iPod owners customize their devices using “tattoos.” You can
download predesigned ones from the HP site, or create your own with an
inkjet printer. Tony Williams shows you how.

***Could Ringtones Be More Annoying?!
People absolutely love annoying ringtones, and the annoying effect they
have on everybody else around them. This is really good news for those in
the audio business.

From Your Peers
***First Annual New York Technical Community Holiday Party,
NY, NY–December 15
Network with hundreds of New York’s top IT professionals in a private SoHo
lounge space, where you’ll have a chance to connect with the industry’s
top vendors and experts. Join authors and fellow IT pros for
presentations, giveaways, open bar, hors d’oeuvres, and a unique
networking opportunity in Manhattan.
Admission is free, RSVP required.

***London Perl Workshop, London, UK–December 11
This event is intended to allow Perl beginners to learn from long-standing
members of the community, while also giving the experts a chance to make
easy tasks seem trivial, and hard tasks seem easy.
Imperial College

Don’t forget to check out the O’Reilly UG wiki to see what user groups
across the globe are up to:

Until next time–


Hey, where did the PHP News go?

Sorry everyone…I had to take the syndicated news block off the site for a while. It feels like they are using a blocking request to get news: if the other site is hanging…our site will hang right around with it until it gets an error or the news feed. As you guessed it…it was hanging. If I fix it, I’ll send the patch over to the maintainer, but for now…you can see the affiliate news by clicking the headlines link on the menu.

The PHP WTF?!?

For an entertaining read from time to time (They only seem to update once or twice a week).

Check out The PHP WTF.

Funny site that highlights some of the worst PHP code you can imagine.

Todays example shows off some great code where apparently the coder didn’t realize you could pull back more than one column at a time with a sql query.

November, 2004

This month we discussed the next round of changes for the website, lots of new topics for the next year and gave away items from Apress. Helen took plenty of pictures and introduced our first Roaming Book: Google Hacks, from O’Reilly.

Read on for more!

Now that the website migration is complete, we set our sites on the future this month.

Website Changes

Many of us agree that the categories that group the content on the site are in need of some…updating. The Forums are going to get slimmed down a bit. None of the content will be lost, but just consolidated under fewer categories. Add some comments here if you have some recommendations.

Main site Topics

Current Topics
Ask the Pug
Book Reviews
Developer News
Future Meetings
General News
Meeting News
Suggestions / Requests
Updated Topics
–phpcon, etc.
Book Reviews
Tutorials and News
–etc. (XML, comp-sci theory, etc)
KCPug Events (Meeting Notes)

I’m thinking the Events would just be used for Event news, etc. If a tutorial, presentation, etc happens…then it could go into the appropriate Tutorial slot. Again, any ideas would be appreciated.
One thing I forgot to mention, was I’m thinking about adding a member links section. A place where you can all brag…er, link to all of those sites, resumes, etc that you are associated with.

Future Topics

I’ve been thinking up topics again. While PHP 5 is still a lot of fun to talk about, most of our attending members still can’t use it “at work.” Either not enough hosts have moved to it, or we have far too much php 4 code to test before we can move. So, this has influenced out presentation schedule a bit:

December, 2004

Savant – Using PHP as a templating engine

January, 2004

Introduction to PHP
I’ve also been receiving quite a few requests for us to start over. In other words, I have heard from many developers in Kansas City who would like to have a nice introduction to PHP. This will be their chance.
To start off the new year, I’ll put on a special 2hr Introduction class. Because of the length of time, and the concentration of the material, I’d like to look into hosting it in more of a classroom type setting. I’ll check into having this one at the college, JoCo Library, etc. Once I get the place set, I’d like to really push to get the word out…really start our year off with something special.

February, 2004

XML Serializer/Unserializer

March, 2004

DB DataObjects
An OO approach to database queries

April, 2004


Additional Topics

Then, starting in May, maybe it will be a more appropriate time to get back to our Series on PHP 5.

New Content on the way

We have received a request for an article or presentation on the following:

Building Modular Systems: The Design and Implementation of a CMS

  • Concepts of modularity
  • Adding Modules Dynamically (Uploading, unpacking, installing)
  • Designing for PHP 4 vs PHP 5

Book Reviews

Pleanty of book reviews are on the way as well:

  • Advanced PHP Programming (O’reilly)
  • Web Database Applications with PHP and MySql 2nd edition (O’reilly)
  • Upgrading to PHP 5 (O’reilly)
  • Pro Apache (Apress)
  • Essential PHP Tools (Apress)

    The Apress Giveaway

    Thanks again to Apress for hooking us up with some new books and T-Shirts.

    Check out the happy winners! Well, actually they turned out to be more like volunteers. Thanks for your help everyone!!

    Click to enlarge
    Look forward to their book reviews in the coming months.

  • BIG Apress Giveaway!!

    Our new friend at Apress has sent us a little care package for this month’s Meeting. Stop on by for you chance to win one of four Shiny new books, as well as every coder’s favorite: FREE T-SHIRTS!

    Come on by, have a drink, win a book, chat about PHP. What better could you do on a Saturday!!

    Thanks Apress!

    KC Pug 3.0 Hits the Streets

    The PUG is Reborn!!

    Welcome home, Kansas City! Your new KC PUG website was released today to the masses. All of the users, stories, comments, topics and links were brought over from the GeekLog and PHPbb systems that we used to run, so your logins should still work. Let me know if you are having problems.

    Much more thought went into this release of our site, and we hope you like it. Read the article for a look at what’s new!

    A little KC Pug History

    This is as I remember it. It seems pretty fuzzy though, so if I don’t have something right, please email me. 🙂

    When we first started the user group, I used a re-themed and very initial version of the CMS I develop for my day job. At the time, it handled just articles and comments. Very simple, and not too conducive to conversation.

    To try and spark the creativity, we added an installation of phpbb….one of the best forum software collections around. It helped, and people were asking and answering questions.

    KC Pug v2

    If eventually came time to use something more portal oriented for the new site. I selected GeekLog, mainly because it was VERY simple to set up. It had the basics and seemed to be pretty easy to customize.

    * News (with Comments)
    * Polls
    * Links to other sites

    We kept phpbb for our forum software, as there really wasn’t anything comparable built into geeklog. It worked, but it wasn’t perfect.

    But, we wanted more. And we would need to make some big changes to get there.

    KC Pug v3

    So, now we have the new site. In our move to Xoops, we addressed several “issues” right off the bat.

    • Automated notifications for meeting reminders, new content, etc
    • Solid integration between the forums and the website
    • User’s now just need one account!!!
    • A fresh, new, customized look (not just the default theme this time)
    • Change of hosting providers (No longer hosted at
    • Content is much easier to add, so I should be able to add more!

    But what we have, is just the groundwork!! Just take a peek at what’s on the way!!

    More activity and content

    Generally, we want to add more features, conversation and content.
    So, keep on the lookout for:

    • code examples
    • Book Reviews
    • brain teasers (coding contests)
    • An area for uploads (source, images, presentations, etc)
    • A nice FAQ system
    • More LAMP related topics
        Linux / Windows / OSX
        MySql and other SQL databases

      We’re still your friendly PUG!!

      We take great pride in the way we are. Our members are very helpful, honest and friendly, and we have a lot of fun getting together and chatting it up. Won’t you join us this month?

      If you want to comment on what you see…please feel free. We are a community…not just a website. And communities only grow stronger from the comments and opinions of its members.

    Meeting Times

    Currently we meet on the Third Saturday of each month at the Daily Dose Bar and Coffee House at 135th and Quivera at 2:30pm.

    Anyone with an interest in PHP or Web Development is welcome. Bring your questions, suggestions or announcements.

    Daily Dose Bar & Coffee House
    (Northwest corner of 135th and Quivera, facing Quivera)
    12056 W 135th St
    Overland Park, KS 66221

    You can also check the information on for maps, directions, etc. Careful though, google puts the pin on 135th, it’s really up against Quivera!

    Event Photos

    November 2004

    All Photos by Helen