KC Pug 3.0 Hits the Streets

The PUG is Reborn!!

Welcome home, Kansas City! Your new KC PUG website was released today to the masses. All of the users, stories, comments, topics and links were brought over from the GeekLog and PHPbb systems that we used to run, so your logins should still work. Let me know if you are having problems.

Much more thought went into this release of our site, and we hope you like it. Read the article for a look at what’s new!

A little KC Pug History

[size=x-small][color=333333]This is as I remember it. It seems pretty fuzzy though, so if I don’t have something right, please email me.[/color][/size] 🙂

When we first started the user group, I used a re-themed and very initial version of the CMS I develop for my day job. At the time, it handled just articles and comments. Very simple, and not too conducive to conversation.

To try and spark the creativity, we added an installation of phpbb….one of the best forum software collections around. It helped, and people were asking and answering questions.

KC Pug v2

If eventually came time to use something more portal oriented for the new site. I selected GeekLog, mainly because it was VERY simple to set up. It had the basics and seemed to be pretty easy to customize.

* News (with Comments)
* Polls
* Links to other sites

We kept phpbb for our forum software, as there really wasn’t anything comparable built into geeklog. It worked, but it wasn’t perfect.

But, we wanted more. And we would need to make some big changes to get there.

KC Pug v3

So, now we have the new site. In our move to Xoops, we addressed several “issues” right off the bat.

  • Automated notifications for meeting reminders, new content, etc
  • Solid integration between the forums and the website
  • User’s now just need one account!!!
  • A fresh, new, customized look (not just the default theme this time)
  • Change of hosting providers (No longer hosted at jccc.net)
  • Content is much easier to add, so I should be able to add more!

But what we have, is just the groundwork!! Just take a peek at what’s on the way!!

More activity and content

Generally, we want to add more features, conversation and content.
So, keep on the lookout for:

  • code examples
  • Book Reviews
  • brain teasers (coding contests)
  • An area for uploads (source, images, presentations, etc)
  • A nice FAQ system
  • More LAMP related topics
      Linux / Windows / OSX
      MySql and other SQL databases

    We’re still your friendly PUG!!

    We take great pride in the way we are. Our members are very helpful, honest and friendly, and we have a lot of fun getting together and chatting it up. Won’t you join us this month?

    If you want to comment on what you see…please feel free. We are a community…not just a website. And communities only grow stronger from the comments and opinions of its members.

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    Looking forward to seeing everyone Saturday!

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