November, 2004

This month we discussed the next round of changes for the website, lots of new topics for the next year and gave away items from Apress. Helen took plenty of pictures and introduced our first Roaming Book: Google Hacks, from O’Reilly.

Read on for more!

Now that the website migration is complete, we set our sites on the future this month.

Website Changes

Many of us agree that the categories that group the content on the site are in need of some…updating. The Forums are going to get slimmed down a bit. None of the content will be lost, but just consolidated under fewer categories. Add some comments here if you have some recommendations.

Main site Topics

Current Topics
Ask the Pug
Book Reviews
Developer News
Future Meetings
General News
Meeting News
Suggestions / Requests
Updated Topics
–phpcon, etc.
Book Reviews
Tutorials and News
–etc. (XML, comp-sci theory, etc)
KCPug Events (Meeting Notes)

I’m thinking the Events would just be used for Event news, etc. If a tutorial, presentation, etc happens…then it could go into the appropriate Tutorial slot. Again, any ideas would be appreciated.
One thing I forgot to mention, was I’m thinking about adding a member links section. A place where you can all brag…er, link to all of those sites, resumes, etc that you are associated with.

Future Topics

I’ve been thinking up topics again. While PHP 5 is still a lot of fun to talk about, most of our attending members still can’t use it “at work.” Either not enough hosts have moved to it, or we have far too much php 4 code to test before we can move. So, this has influenced out presentation schedule a bit:

December, 2004

Savant – Using PHP as a templating engine

January, 2004

Introduction to PHP
I’ve also been receiving quite a few requests for us to start over. In other words, I have heard from many developers in Kansas City who would like to have a nice introduction to PHP. This will be their chance.
To start off the new year, I’ll put on a special 2hr Introduction class. Because of the length of time, and the concentration of the material, I’d like to look into hosting it in more of a classroom type setting. I’ll check into having this one at the college, JoCo Library, etc. Once I get the place set, I’d like to really push to get the word out…really start our year off with something special.

February, 2004

XML Serializer/Unserializer

March, 2004

DB DataObjects
An OO approach to database queries

April, 2004


Additional Topics

Then, starting in May, maybe it will be a more appropriate time to get back to our Series on PHP 5.

New Content on the way

We have received a request for an article or presentation on the following:

Building Modular Systems: The Design and Implementation of a CMS

  • Concepts of modularity
  • Adding Modules Dynamically (Uploading, unpacking, installing)
  • Designing for PHP 4 vs PHP 5

Book Reviews

Pleanty of book reviews are on the way as well:

  • Advanced PHP Programming (O’reilly)
  • Web Database Applications with PHP and MySql 2nd edition (O’reilly)
  • Upgrading to PHP 5 (O’reilly)
  • Pro Apache (Apress)
  • Essential PHP Tools (Apress)

    The Apress Giveaway

    Thanks again to Apress for hooking us up with some new books and T-Shirts.

    Check out the happy winners! Well, actually they turned out to be more like volunteers. Thanks for your help everyone!!

    [size=x-small][color=000033]Click to enlarge[/color][/size]
    Look forward to their book reviews in the coming months.

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    1. Re: November, 2004
      Hi Dan, I know you asked for some topic suggestions for the upcoming year and I just thought of one. I’m not sure it would take up an entire meeting, but…

      I have been reading a lot about PHP security and trying to get my existing code above par. It is difficult to find quality information on securing your PHP code. I thought it may be a good topic to discuss some time.


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