Scalable Inline Image Replacement

This is definatly one of those things that I’m not sure I would ever use, but it is certainly cool enough to share. Using a little php and javascript, [url=]this script[/url] seemingly allows you to replace the content of any tags (h1 for example) with a nice graphic of the text in any font/size/color you choose.

No image support? no problem…alt property supplied on replace
No JS support? no problem…css marks up your h1 as normal
No visual support? no problem…screen reader reads your h1 or alt tag

Pretty cool in theory. It has built in, server-side cache support, etc. I’m a little squimish about a DoS vulnerability…someone flooding your site with obscene image generation requests. But, that could be trapped. What do you all think?

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  1. Re: Scalable Inline Image Replacement
    This looks like a practical way to do headlines and subtitles on pages similar to [url=]CSS Zen Garden[/url].

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