Bryan Geraghty: Why I choose PHP

In a recent blog post, KC PUG member Bryan Geraghty examines why he chooses PHP to develop applications.  Bryan’s examination takes his security-focused perspective into account, and explores some ideas not commonly seen elsewhere.

Bryan is preparing a series of PHP Security focused talks for KC PUG, so certainly check it out.

KCITP – Hack The Midwest

Are you looking for a chance to sharpen your development skills and maybe win some cool prizes?

Michael Gelphman and KCITP are hosting Hack the Midwest – A hackathon event for the developers in the Kansas City Area.  Whether you want to flex your PHP might, or work in something else like node, python, ruby or perl–you will certainly leave with more then you entered with!

If you haven’t heard about this event, be sure to check out :
3 Reasons Why Developers Need To Attend Hack The Midwest

Learn more about the specifics from:

Go get registered, and represent!! 🙂