MySQL Branch Projects

Recently, Oracle announced that it will acquire Sun and of course it gets MySQL in the deal ([url=]Slashdot[/url]).

This obviously casts some doubt on MySQL’s future, so I’d like to point out some MySQL fork projects. Several ex-MySQL developers have been busy and there’s already some promising alternatives to the original.

[url=]MariaDB[/url]: This community driven project is named after a new database engine. The original MyISAM developers are working on an engine that is suitable both for transactional and non-transactional uses. This is no doubt intended to help them steer clear of Oracle’s claims on InnoDB technology.

[url=]Drizzle[/url]: Reversing a long trend of MySQL working to be a more credible enterprise solution, this project is focused on making a lighter database. Their first milestone has focused on cleaning up the code and cutting the fat.

[url=]OurDelta[/url]: Also driven by ex-MySQL gurus, this fork appears to be the most mainstream and looks like it will pick up where MySQL left off.

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