Get real about PHP4 vs. PHP5

I ran across this article on The PHP Grind website. It’s a little bit on the ranty side. The point of the article being that the current state of the PHP4 vs. PHP5 battle is reaching critical mass, with some major players in the software market blatantly ignoring PHP5 despite it’s proven stability and increased security features.

Now, some of us are at the mercy of our web hosts, and some of us need to test our code on PHP5 before cutting away from PHP4. WAMP’s latest release uses PHP 5.1.4 (the latest release of PHP) for Windows, and several similar “packaged installs” of Apache/MySQL/PHP exist for other platforms. These are especially useful if you want to get a miniature install going on your desktop to help you make the change to PHP5.

I thought it was an interesting article. I wasn’t aware that so many big names in the web app industry were actually telling customers to hold off on using PHP5.