May 20, 2006 :: AJAX Revisited

With all of the changes in the realm of Asynchronous JavaScript driven development, we took this month to introduce some of the updates and simplifications that have occurred. The presentation is available in a variety of forms:

[url=]AJAX Revisited (pdf)[/url]
[url=]AJAX Revisited (swf)[/url]
[url=]AJAX Revisited (ODF – Impress)[/url]

As I mentioned this week, I’ve added some new folders to the links area of our site. As you explore and use this technology, please add the links that you find the most useful or interesting.

Read more for other random links I saved while researching this presentation.

211 thoughts on “May 20, 2006 :: AJAX Revisited

  1. Re: May 20, 2006 :: AJAX Revisited
    Thanks for introducing us to these libraries, Dan!

    I came across a need for AJAX yesterday and I was able to implement it using SACK in less than hour. I had never done AJAX before. Who knew it could be so easy?

    I’ll definitely be using this a lot in the future. Never again will I need to reload the page just to change the options in a dropdown!

    – Doug

  2. Re: May 20, 2006 :: AJAX Revisited
    FYI, IBM DeveloperWorks has a series of articles being published called PHP The AJAX Way. Right now, there are 2 articles, but it looks like there will be more:

    The first article is an intro to using PHP to do AJAX by building a simple photo gallery app. In the second article, they actually use AJAX and PHP to add a history stack (ie. Back/Reload/Forward buttons) to it.

    The examples use Sajax, The Simple AJAX Toolkit.

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