Woah, sorry about your RSS feed. :-)

Well, the good news is–I’ve actually started (actively) working on the site migration to WordPress! But, if you subscribe to this site from our RSS link, you may have gotten a little flooded this weekend.

I was looking into ways to migrate the content. While I didn’t go the RSS route, I did tweak our current feed. And, let it ALL out I think.

Anyway, I have a procedure for migrating users who have posted anything, ever as well as the posts. I’m most likely going to move comments over-just not yet sure about our forums though.

My plan is to get the base system up with a modestly simple theme. Then, as a group we can shape it’s direction and watch it grow. Hopefully I’ll have more to update at this weekend’s meeting!


One thought on “Woah, sorry about your RSS feed. :-)

  1. Re: Woah, sorry about your RSS feed. 🙂
    So is the meeting this weekend or on the 22nd? I know upcoming is the 3rd Saturday but the widget to the left says the 22nd…

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