November meeting location

I just got the official word that our usual location has changed it’s business hours and will no longer work for our 2:30pm gathering area.
[img align=right][/img]
Instead, the fine folks at The Commons – a local Co-working space in Overland Park has offered to host us this weekend. HUGE thanks to Andrew of The Commons for sharing their space!!

So, come on down, see their new digs and let’s talk some PHP (as well as discuss options for our new future home).

More about this weekend’s place:

Saturday, November 19th at 2:30 pm

7932 Santa Fe Dr.
Overland Park, KS 66204
Find on [url=]Google Maps[/url]

Even If you aren’t able to make it, feel free to suggest some great ideas for our future spot.

Things I have heard we are looking for:
* Easier access from Downtown, Lawrence, and Johnson County
* Quiet enough for discussions, but not “too dead”
* Good variety – Coffee, beer, tea, maybe snacks
* Projector would be nice for sure
* More “hangout” less “classroom”

2 thoughts on “November meeting location

  1. Re: Please Read – Location Change this week
    CCCKC would probably be glad to have us, if they don’t have a schedule conflict. Being near the Brookside area, it’s not really near any highway, though. They definitely have the “quiet, not dead”, “hangout” and “projector” criteria met. As for refreshments? We’d likely have to include and upon our arrival.
  2. Aww….just learned that disqus doesn’t update html found in the comment.  That’s too bad.  Also, not sure I can post as my WP account.

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