January Meeting –

First off…I’m so very sorry the “1st day of the month is a Saturday” bug bit us again in our date block.

Things that got talked about:

[b]Drupal 6/7 Templates – Use Zen[/b]

[b]Drupal and CRM – Anyone know about….[/b]

[b]Do people still write for IE6?[/b]
Fortunately, we say no. But, IE 7 is still a reality. If you have to “support” IE 6 – do what you can with an IE 6 style sheet.

[b]IBM i5 and PHP Using Zend:[/b]
Starting with jQuery and CSS frameworks:

  • jQuery DataTables – filtering, sorting, etc – http://www.datatables.net/
  • Some CSS / HTML Templates – http://www.smashingmagazine.com/2008/12/01/100-free-high-quality-xhtmlcss-templates/

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