So, just why do I use the command line?

About four times a year, someone asks me something like “Alright Dan, why you still use the command line.” However, I no longer have to fumble with my words…I can simply send them to Red Hat Magazine’s “How I learned to stop worrying and love the command line”. Besides the ever popular Dr. Strangelove reference, Chip Turner shows all of us a thing or two about wielding the power of the command line. In [url=]Part 1[/url], Chip gives us a nice introduction to using common Unix commands to get the job done. In [url=]Part 2[/url], he goes even farther: showing the power of single line perl script.

Every web developer has to manage files. Sometimes….lots and lots of files. And don’t think that this doesn’t apply to you if you don’t run Linux or Unix. Even Windows Users can []power up their command line[/url].

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