More Dynamic than Dynamic

In February, we had a great time learning about using Client side JavaScript to asynchronously query your PHP on the Server side (BTW–it’s apparently called Ajax). If you missed it, not to worry…here is my presentation on using XMLHttpRequest and PHP.

Read on for more articles, example and info!!

Now, I know that I said that I would have a couple of examples written up for you. And I remember thinking when I said it “OK, Dan. You are really going to do it this time.” Well, here I am. March’s meeting is next week and I still haven’t gotten to play anymore with this very cool stuff.

I smell a future follow up presentation.

For those of you who just were dying to see more cool things to do with this technique, I want you to go read Thomas Baekdal’s XMLHttpRequest Guidelines. Be sure to read the Ok, now you should have more information, but you want to make things easier. I understand that! Go check out the SAJAX project. The Simple Ajax toolkit will help you “export” custom-written php functions as javascript functions. It’s cool. Go look at it. Just don’t go exporting “mySystemBackdoor()” or something silly. 😉

Finally, you don’t care about all that. You just saying “Dan, c’mon. I just want something like Google Select!” I know, I know. But if I told you that up front, you never would have read those other articles, right? 😉

Finally, go check out the LiveSearch project from BitFlux. You can see it in action on their blog. I think you will agree, this where most of us will want to play…at least until we are sure about all those consequences of using this new tool.

Happy Coding!