Great ways to Improve your game!

[img align=right][/img]Anyone who knows me knows that I am a fanboy of two great companies: Google and Zend.

No, wait…come back. This isn’t really about either of them!!

Actually, it’s about you. Are you looking to beef up your skills and catch some new ideas, but don’t have a lot of free time? How does Free PHP Conference from your car sound?

Great! Well grab that smartphone or MP3 player and an FM transmitter (if your radio is old like mine) and take some free sessions from ZendCon on the road! There are three great ways to subscribe:

  • Subscribe Google Listen on that Android phone of yours to [url= ]subscribe[/url] to the ZendCon Sessions Podcast . (Or use any other RSS reader)
  • Point itunes at [url= ]iTunes podcast link[/url]
  • Or, just visit right from your browser.

Either way, 30 conference sessions from ZendCon 2008 and 2009 are out there and growing. All ready for easy download.

Don’t know where to start? I currently enjoying [url= l]Episode 26: Best Practices of PHP Development[/url] from ZendCon 2008. It’s 3 hours of content, so don’t do it all in one sitting. But, all great stuff for everyone: Revision control (git and svn), coding standards, testing, documentation generation. A great talk for every developer.

There are also talks on PHP 5.3, CouchDB, Security, PECL, PDO, Query Tuning….and it’s amazing—you really don’t need the slides! But, many of the talks do have their slides hosted on slideshare…just check the browser link above.

So, stop checking up on e-mail on your car ride home, and do something useful! It may just save your life!

Have a great trip!

One thought on “Great ways to Improve your game!

  1. Re: Great ways to Improve your game!
    Hilarious! First actual “story” I wrote in years and the server crashed almost immediately. Turned out our provider was doing some clean up on permissions completely unrelated to my post.

    Whole site went boom! But, their support staff got us back up and running quite quickly.

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