OAMP: Setting up a secure AMP stack on OpenBSD 4.6

This morning, I posted my walk-through for getting [url=http://www.h-i-r.net/2009/10/oamp-openbsd-46-chroot-apache-mysql-php.html]Apache, MySQL and PHP working properly on OpenBSD 4.6[/url], which was released last week. The PHP package for OpenBSD already contains the [url=http://www.hardened-php.net/suhosin/]Suhosin Hardened-PHP[/url] patches, and Apache is already patched and configured for use in a restricted chroot environment. Arguably, this is the most secure AMP server you’ll ever build.

To that end, installation is pretty straight-forward, but there are a few tricks you need to know in order to make your favorite AMP web applications (joomla, wordpress and others) work in this secure environment. I’ve outlined the entire installation procedure starting from a pristine installation of OpenBSD.

Full article: [url=http://www.h-i-r.net/2009/10/oamp-openbsd-46-chroot-apache-mysql-php.html]OAMP: OpenBSD 4.6 + Chroot Apache + MySQL + PHP[/url]

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