Cowtown Computer Congress – Meeting Site?

[url=]CCCKC[/url] is a grassroots organization of tinkerers, hackers, explorers, artists, inventors and technology enthusiasts in the Kansas City area. A relative newcomer to Kansas City’s tech scene, they are trying to unite various technology cliques in KC, while providing a dedicated space for user groups, facilities for working on technology projects and the like.

Right now, it looks like the space they’ll have might be right near state line and Southwest Blvd. CCCKC is looking for affiliate organizations that want to have their user group meetings at the new space. The meeting room space would be reserved for us during our normal meeting time, and although there might be non-KCPUG people at the work benches if they have a project they’re working on, it would probably be a less distracting environment that’s more centrally located and just a mile off the Rainbow exit from I-35.

I’ll probably be at the December meeting, and I’d be more than happy to get opinions from people. Otherwise, I’ll see you in January. Optionally, weigh in with your two cents in the comments after logging in.

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