We had a nice round-table on security in February. While we used [url=http://safari.oreilly.com/?x=1&mode=section&sortKey=title&sortOrder=asc&view=&xmlid=1-56592-610-2/progphp-CHP-12&k=20&g=&catid=&s=1&b=1&f=1&t=1&c=1&u=1&r=&o=1&n=1&d=1&p=1&a=0&page=0]Chapter 12[/url] of O’Reilly’s [url=http://www.oreilly.com/catalog/progphp/index.html]Programming PHP [/url]as a guide, Eric pointed out an [url=http://www.sitepoint.com/article/php-security-blunders]article on SitePoint[/url] that you may also find to be very enlightening as well.

March should be even more Fun! Eric has offered to give us a presentation on the Eclipse IDE!! Thank you very much, Eric. Your next month’s coffee is on me!

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