Topic for February

As many of you know, I almost didn’t have a presentation ready for last time. Now, I know I don’t have to have one…but let’s face it, I enjoy giving them. (Just for the record, I enjoy watching them as well. 😉 )

Many of you may be happy to hear that I have actually gotten to take a tiny break from management, and write my first bit of code in quite a while. Now, unless you would like our next presentation to be about transforming csv files with fgetcsv and vsprintf, I suggest you help me pick a topic.

Any topic will do. Selections will be made based on my ability to produce said presentation in the time alloted (which isn’t much). Naturally, any ties among viable options will be weighted based on community interest, etc.

Just to get you started, here are some ideas from the November meeting. Maybe, I just need a little detail on these to get going.

Thanks Gang! I’ll see you in February!

– Dan

November Topic Ideas
SimpleXML Topics:
* Google Maps – For repeaters?
* Amazon API
* Google Base?
* Frappr
* Exce
* Shipping Interfaces FedEx

Other Topics may include:
* Cake, etc?
* Other Things, Hobbiest – General answers
* A search for a Customized, Integrated CMS.
* Application Authentication using Certificates
* Relationship Management, PHP/MySql OO PHP5
* Forms Managements