Is PHP growing in Kansas City?

As Dan mentioned in his meeting summary, we discussed numerous available PHP jobs during the last meeting that we knew about that had not been filled. I just added another to our [url=]Jobs and Opportunities Forum[/url], which already has several posted.

A quick search on found 5 or 6 jobs in just the Olathe and Overland park areas. And a search on yielded several more in KCMO and KCK. It seems that there are just as many (or more) PHP job postings as there are ASP.NET or JSP job postings.

What do you guys think? Is this a sign that businesses in the midwest are finally embracing PHP as their preferred development language? Or am I crazy?

Has anyone noticed an increase in PHP usage among area businesses?

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  1. Re: Is PHP growing in Kansas City?
    I don’t know about more jobs, but I have a stack of resumes on my desk for our PHP heavy job opening. 😉

    Seriously, I do think things are picking up now that the .not hype machine has died down a bit.

    Hmmm…yeah, component based development: we got that. But, maybe one of these 30 or so other styles might suit your job a little better.

  2. Re: Is PHP growing in Kansas City?
    I know I’ve been pleasantly surprised by the amount of “real” developer jobs seeking PHP and MySQL skills lately. About 5 years ago, I chose the Microsoft ASP/SQL Server path because I figured it was more marketable–and it served me well. I Started working with PHP/MySQL just over 1 year ago, and was immediately hooked. Now to see that these open-source skills have market value…well it just makes me giddy.

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