25 thoughts on “Polls? Anyone???

  1. RE: Polls? Anyone???
    How’s about:

    My favorite PHP Editor is

  2. Gvim/Kvim/Vim/vi
  3. Zend
  4. Komodo
  5. Emacs (Cuz I’m a loser)
  6. The Reverend Zolton types all my code for me
      • RE: Polls? Anyone???
        Komodo and Gvim are available for Windows! And I think there’s a Windows version of Emacs as well. Actually, I’m not all up on the editors in the billy world so I just picked the ones I knew of.
      • RE: Polls? Anyone???
        Now, now, it’s an obvious choice. Who else but The Reverend could be our CowboyNeal? Besides, quit your whinin’! Soon you’ll be famous beyond your wildest dreams!
  7. Polls? Anyone???
    I’d be interested in knowing if you guys

    Use PHP for your company
    Use PHP as a contractor
    Use PHP for recreational purposes
    or are just trying to learn PHP and hope for one of the above in the future

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