a little byte is a lot

Nice up on the Geekware!! I’ve been looking for a good one and other blogs like Thatware, PHPSlash, Nukes (I agree, they don’t deserve links), PHPWidgets (still shows potential), and even grandaddy PERL Slashcode. After all this, I show up to the PUG for the first time and BAM, Geeklog, what I’ve been looking for, right in front of me. Definitely glad I came. I will be pushing a few blogs in the next couple of months, good to see something with some flexibility.

Also, have some suggestions/requests/ideas/whatever, probably post when the weekend hits. Brain is fried in middle of week.

Again, Nice up on the Geekware!

463 thoughts on “a little byte is a lot

  1. a little byte is a lot

    I’m glad you got something out of it. I wanted to touch on some of the code, additionaly modules, etc….but for some reason I just blanked. (I think it was the late afternoon jolt of coffee!)

    In any case, good luck on the blogs and see you next month!

    • a little byte is a lot
      Yes, I know that feeling. I drink Mt Dew through the day to combat my bloodshot eyes. By 4:00 pm, I can no longer function past the point of forming a sentances (even that can be hard). Then I go home, and try to code… no wonder my scripts are all skewered.

      I like penguins and mushu pork. Hmm…mushu penguin is not a combination I have thought of. Mushu Penguin? Not in the USofA.

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