September 20th – Mark Your Calenders

I was hoping for a few more votes before I did this, but I’m sure people are just getting tired of me asking. (At least I haven’t seen any emphatic NOs yet. )

Yes, for those of you anxiously waiting….we will be meeting on the third Saturday again this month, so please update your calenders.

Saturday, Sep. 20th @ 2:30p
Daily Dose – 135th St. and Quivira Rd.

I’ll be sending you all (anyone with a valid email account either here or on the boards) a reminder the week before …just to help out.

My apologies to all for the delay. I’ve really been neglecting my “head pug” duties… Hey! How did I get this job, anyway??? 😉

See you at the PUG!

One thought on “September 20th – Mark Your Calenders

  1. Saturday meetings
    Heck. I just tonight found out y’all existed, and met on Thursday afternoons in JoCo, and then before I could even get enthused I found out you’d changed the meetings to Saturday.

    Let’s see… from out here in the sticks… it’s a hundred and thirty mile round trip, and one more day wasted, er spent, in Kansas City, and I’m on the Big River showing people what they’ve missed all their lives most Saturdays anyway.

    Durnit. I was hoping to learn something, too. Oh well.

    cap’n Jeff

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