August – Templates Revisited

Well, its official…the Saturday experiment was a complete success! Thanks to all who attended! For those who didn’t you can read up on what you missed.

First off…my apologies on the delay. I finally have some time from my sister’s place in Maryland. Apparently I have to leave town to update the pug. 😉

Originally, we were going to extend on our Design Patterns talk by discussing the Article: Industrial Strength MVC by Jason Sweat. Instead, we mostly just focused on a re-introduction to the smarty templating engine.

We focused on the smarty crash course from the smarty site. We also hashed over the pros and cons of templates vs. includes vs. just plain embedded php.

If you are interested in templates in general, there is a very interesting blog entry Template Criteria written by Jason at Smarty is only one of many, so if it is just too much for your project, feel free to look at others such as the PEAR template classes. If you have a favorite, be sure to add it as a comment!!

Great News!! We can be found at

Thanks to the generosity of Noah Dunker, you can now use to get to the site. I’ll be updating the apache config shortly to change the ServerName. You can continue to use the address, but is just so much cooler. THANKS NOAH!!

Noah also pointed out the dirt cheep regestration prices at Just incase you are like me and wanting to carve out some personal space on the web.

php{con West 2003

We also announced the php{con West 2003 (as you can see now on the site). If you go out tp their sponsors page, you can see the KC PUG add that Mark Zolton created for us. Thanks for the excellent and amusing take on our little pug.

Door Prize Giveaway

We also did our random drawing (a little more organized this time, mind you) and through pure luck of the draw Noah’s number was picked. He selected the copy of the PHP Cookbook donated by O’reilly’s User Group Program. Way to go Noah!

Final Time and Place

Last but not least, we of course discussed the new meeting time and place. I don’t want to ask to move our time until we are sure…but after this last meeting….we seemed pretty sure. Please vote and comment with the poll on the main page.

That’s all for now. See you at the next PUG Meeting!!

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