KCPUG needs suggestions for a new Saturday afternoon home

KC PUG has seen many, many great conversations and presentations over the years.  But, it’s time to find us a more permanent home, and I could really use your help.

Things we are looking for:

  • Relaxed, inviting atmosphere for presentations and conversations.
  • Busy places are ok, but need to have a place we can schedule out or better–claim our time recurring slot.
  • Central location for at least Downtown KC, Lawrence, Leawood, Olathe, etc (preferably with high way access.
  • Air Conditioning (I know, right?) – again, comfortable environment
  • More “hangout” less “classroom” – But, a projector or a place to project are a must.
  • Great WiFi is a plus!
  • sponsored/office locations, will be fine too.

If you have any ideas, please discuss in the comments below or just send them from our meetup link below.


2 thoughts on “KCPUG needs suggestions for a new Saturday afternoon home

  1. Not a developer here. Just a FB friend of/occasional fellow cyclist w/ Noah D, but figured I’d chime in with a suggestion for a possible location for kc pug to meet on Saturdays. The Church of the Resurrection West (over near the Honeywell facility just south of K10 & K7 hwys seems like it might be a possibility.

    I don’t attend COR West, but they are typically very tech-savvy folks, and the facility likely contains some sort of meeting rooms. I can’t imagine any COR not having onsite WiFi, either. Like I said, I don’t attend either COR location for services, but you could probably cold-call ’em and see if they’d be open to your group meeting there. I’m sure they have plenty of activities going on all the time, but perhaps they’d have a room for you. You never know.

    Ask and ye shall receive…?

    Bill Burns

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