January 2012

Wow!  What a great turnout!  It was so nice to see all the familiar faces, and some new faces too!

We kicked off with a great impromptu talk on “free code reviews”  — and why we don’t do them.

After introductions, we began discussing consuming SOAP services.  We discussed options for generating classes to map the wsdl’s, or use existing php libraries for talking with the services.

Other discussions:

  • Installing/using binary extensions like the db2, oci, compiling your own php, etc.
  • What options would a developer have in ZendFramework to implement ACL down in the model (despite it being not the best idea)
  • How does Symfony2 use the Reflection class to read annotations
  • For security audits, how important is it to upgrade to the latest PHP version?
  • How do you inspire the younger generation to become developers?  Maker Culture? Gaming? CodeAcademy?  How to find that thing that is exciting to kids (with a walk down memory lane as to what inspired us)?
  • Michael O’Connell came to tell us that Digital Evolution Group is looking for PHP developers.  You can apply online at http://bit.ly/zPf8s1

Lots of great discussions!!  Hope to see you all next month!

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