And, We’re Back!

We had a great meeting today. Thank you all for coming by for the discussions.

I’m also happy to announce the site is (hopefully) back on line. It appears that our 4 month hiatus on the web has to do with our ancient CMS we are using. One day….ONE DAY we will upgrade to something modern.

Feel free to post your suggestions below.

Read more if you want to know the simple solution.

I’m going to go hang my head in shame for leaving our happy home off-line for so long.

See you in October!!

I’m guessing a Dreamhost update changed our longvars setting, so none of the pages were finding the values we were passing. After reading the support wiki on setting up fast cgi, I gave up and just put these at the top of a widely included file.


/hangs head in shame 🙁

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