December 2009 :: Meeting Notes

We had a nice rolling conversation this month. Some of the topics that were discussed (in no particular order) were:

[url=]Joomla in Search Friendly URLs[/url]
[url=]For more on Joomla[/url]
[url=]Zend Framework API Docs[/url] – Looking for the Options for each Zend Form Decorator, Just choose the Zend_Form package, and view the Decorators.
[url=]Kohana 3 “Pre” release[/url]
[url=]Unoffical Kohana wiki[/url]

As our discussions seemed to revolve around frameworks, you may find some of these recent framework reviews helpful if you are choosing which one you want to try next:
[url=]Server site, client side frameworks[/url]

Feel free to add more related links to the comments.

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