Stuff this month.

Noah pointed out a new MVC framework he has been looking at. Hopefully, he will get some time to play with it soon. Looks super light, and clean.

Eric pointed out some changes he has been seeing in the Zend Framework, especially in a command line system called Zend Tool.


Another nice feature of it, is when you create your initial project, you can easily define which stage your project is in. This then controls things like the verbosity of your error pages.

Eric also pointed out that there is a new version of Lime Survey–Now with cool graphs!

Plenty of other chatting going on. Firefox plugins, the future of MySQL, jobs out there, and more.

Hope to see you next month!

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      [url=]More on the topic[/url]

      [quote]A couple of weeks ago I posted Broken Browsers Part One, which I can only pray gave you ample preparation for today’s post, Broken Browsers Part Two!

      The truth is, not that much is broken in browsers these days. They’ve been around 15 some years now, so it’s not the biggest surprise all the major flaws to be resolved by now.

      In fact, I’d say the reason these two broken behaviors of modern web browsers still exist is because most still (and as I’ll try to convince you, erroneously) consider them features!

      The browser should just listen to the caching info sent by the server!


      The fact is, pressing back or forward shouldn’t even request content from the server at all!

      As one commenter brought up last week, whatever happened to “offline mode” in web browsers? Because that’s what back/forward should still be… instant “offline mode”![/quote]

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