Free College Day at JCCC – April 2009

[i]Update 3/27/2009: It appears the classes our sold out. But still, check around…there may be other things of interest out there!![/i]

[quote]As part of Johnson County Community College’s 40th anniversary celebration, JCCC’s faculty and staff have volunteered to offer the public an afternoon of free classes as a way to say thank you to the community. You’ll find more than 200 40-minute classes – arts, business, computers, language and more! – that you can take for free on Saturday afternoon, April 18.[/quote]

In April, I will be one of these volunteers offering two PHP classes:

  • PHP Boot Camp
  • Setting Up a Website with Drupal and PHP

You can find other [url=]computer mini-classes[/url] absolutly free on April 18. There are a ton of other topics, and I here there will be cookies or something for between the classes.

Check the [url=]FCD website[/url] for more information.

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