Free College Day at JCCC – April 2009

Update 3/27/2009: It appears the classes our sold out. But still, check around…there may be other things of interest out there!!


As part of Johnson County Community College’s 40th anniversary celebration, JCCC’s faculty and staff have volunteered to offer the public an afternoon of free classes as a way to say thank you to the community. You’ll find more than 200 40-minute classes – arts, business, computers, language and more! – that you can take for free on Saturday afternoon, April 18.

In April, I will be one of these volunteers offering two PHP classes:

  • PHP Boot Camp
  • Setting Up a Website with Drupal and PHP

You can find other computer mini-classes absolutly free on April 18. There are a ton of other topics, and I here there will be cookies or something for between the classes.

Check the FCD website for more information.