July 2006 :: Users need tools too!

In this month’s meeting, we discussed the SpellingPages library as well as the FCKEditor (That’s FredCK Editor). Both of these easy to drop-in libraries could find a place in nearly all of our applications.

SpellingPages was something that my colleague Vincent Miller showed me. We will be using it on our own site management system back at the office. While it is not as “sexy” as a little red-wavy-underline, it certainly does the job better than I could hope for…and it is just near trivial to work with.

The other item we talked about was the FCKEditor…I find myself needing to call it the FredCKEditor or just “f-edit.” It is so nice to see software reach a certainly level of maturity. We began using a version of this tool back in the day that only supported IE. Now look at it! Lots of features, very customizable.

My notes, discussion points, and demos are available here on the demo site.

You can find more info on the [url=http://spellerpages.sourceforge.net/]SpellerPages[/url] site, and the [url=http://www.fckeditor.net/]FCKEditor[/url] site.

Hope you all had a great time. Feel free to add to the comments if there was great discussion after I left.

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