Aspect Oriented Programming in PHP

From the “Just because you can” department:

Who says you need to be a java-head to play with the cool stuff? Some of you may have heard of an “extension” to Object Oriented design called Aspect Oriented Programming. ([i]I seem to recall something about it in the classic text “The Pragmatic Programmer.”[/i])

Well, it was only a matter of time, but someone built a framework for it in PHP:

[quote]This package can be used to implement aspect oriented programming (AOP) by executing the code of classes that enable orthogonal aspects at run- time. The intention is to provide a means to implement orthogonal aspects in separate classes that may be an interesting add to the application, like logging, caching, transaction control, etc., without affecting the main business logic. The package provides base classes for implementing defining point cuts where the code of an advice class is called to implement actions of the orthogonal aspects that an application may need to enable.[/quote]

I only have some idea what he just said, but I’m sure that plenty of you will find this very cool! You go Dmitry!

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