October 2005 :: Using Image_Graph

[img align=right]http://www.kcpug.org/doghouse/2005_oct/gradient_pie-200.png[/img]
Want to make cool graphs? Check out today’s presentation [url=http://www.kcpug.org/doghouse/2005_oct/image_graph.swf]Using Image_Graph[/url].

Also, be sure to check out some of the great information on the web:

  • [url=http://pear.veggerby.dk/documentation.php]Documentation[/url]
  • [url=http://pear.veggerby.dk/samples/index.php]Samples graphs and code[/url]
  • [url=http://pear.speedpartner.de/talks.php]Stefan Neufeind’s presentation on Image_Graph[/url]
  • [url=http://pear.php.net/package/Image_Graph]Image_Graph on PEAR[/url]
  • The topic of WYSIWYG HTML Editors for Linux came up. While it isn’t WYSIWYG, [url=http://bluefish.openoffice.nl/index.html]bluefish[/url] came to mind. We also thought of [url=http://nvu.com/screenshots.html]Nvu[/url], and it certainly looked full-featured.

    This discussion lead us into a chat on CSS and web-standards based design. The websites [url=http://www.alistapart.com/]A List Apart[/url] (for info) and [url=http://www.csszengarden.com/]CSS Zend Garden[/url] (for inspiration) both came up. I also had to show off the [url=https://addons.mozilla.org/extensions/moreinfo.php?id=60]Web Developer Toolbar[/url] for Firefox…a web-coder’s best tool.

    See you next month!

    26 thoughts on “October 2005 :: Using Image_Graph

    1. CSS layout / suckerfish dropdowns
      I’ve been kicking around some CSS layout stuff on my homepage http://www.robertspeer.com I forget where I found the layout, I only altered it and subjected it to my manipulations to see what it would do. But it’s based on some fairly common 3 col css layouts.

      I’m using an internal SS for simplicity, it will also make it easier to dl and play with.

      I’m a big fan of the suckerfish dropdowns, they are very fast.


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