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    Great examples, Thanks!!

    We did a little introduction of the concept just a couple of months ago (although, admittedly at the time, I didn’t know anyone was calling it AJAX). You can [url=http://www.kcpug.org/site/modules/news/article.php?storyid=90]check out the story[/url] as well as [url=http://www.kcpug.org/doghouse/2005_feb/20050219.swf]view the presentation[/url].

    I’d love to hear ideas or interests for follow-up talks (maybe for July?) Very Exciting Stuff.

    Speaking of cool, anyone seen the new [url=http://maps.google.com/maps?q=%22Daily+Dose+Bar+and+Coffee+House%22+Overland+Park,KS&ll=38.883877,-94.725537&spn=0.007328,0.008175&t=k&hl=en]satellite feature[/url] of google maps?

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      The Google Maps satellite stuff is stunning.

      The memory maps on [url=http://flickr.com/photos/tags/memorymap]Flickr[/url] are just awesome.

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    Thanks for the link. That is a really cool site.

    For some reason, I hate the term Ajax and I hope it doesn’t stick, but I really like this remote server call stuff. I think this will definitely play a large role in the future of web development so I think we will see several upcoming talks on this even though we’ve already done one.

    The more examples I see the more ideas I get. Thanks again for the link.

    – Doug

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