A Funny Story

I was in my country working for an ISP as developer, i was working on a project on a sunday afternoon, the support office was closed for the weekend, but some person kept calling and calling, i could not bear the noise, so i picked up the phone. It was from one of the government office were we provide our service. The Guy on the phone said that is tea tray was not working on his computer. I was blank, i did not know what it meant, the guy said that he needs to work and needed me to fix this problem, i thought he was talking about java and the java icon is a cup.

I instructed him step by step all his configuration was right but also his tea tray was not working. He asked me if i could come to his office as it was just 10 miles away.

So i went to his office and folks you wont belive this, the tea tray he was talking about was none other then the CD-ROM, yup he was using his CD-ROM as a cup holder.

I told him that we are not his hardware support people he needs to call the company where the computer was brought from.

He was cursing the computer company and told me that he had 1 year garentee on that machine, so they have to replace his tea tray.

Hope you guys enjoyed it, a little bit of humor dose not hurt anybody, do tell me how did u like it

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  1. A Funny Story
    When I was doing hardware tech support for a beige box maker (which I shall not name, but suffice it to say they removed "2000" from their name shortly before Y2k rolled around because they didn’t want to appear ‘old’ or associated with y2k problems should they appear), a woman called up and demanded I replace her CDROM drive. She had me on speaker, and I could hear the snickering of her office-mates in the background. I asked her how the drive broke and she kept insisting that "it just did." More snickering. I asked her if she had used it as a cup holder. More snickering. I told her I could not replace her drive until she told me how it broke.

    "I sat on it! OK? Does that make you happy? I sat on it and the d@mn thing broke!"

    Hysterical laughter could be heard on both ends of the call.

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