Call for Speakers

Is there a php topic that you have been just itching to learn? Maybe something that you think would be of great help to the rest of our PHP loving community? Speaking at the KCPUG is a great way to make friends and gain experience. The “usual” speakers are just swamped this month, so this would be a great time to volunteer. πŸ˜‰

I’ll even buy a can of soda (or bottle of water) from the machine for the brave soul who steps up to the plate! If you are serious about speaking, please comment to this thread by Apr 21st.


EDITED: 2003-04-23 dholmes, Ok…So I whipped up a little something for this month. But the offer for a can of soda for just a little effort still stands. πŸ˜‰ Feel free to “Sign-up” with your comments below. If you don’t want to speak but have an idea, please offer those too. Half the work is finding something to talk about. πŸ™‚